Sunday, August 23, 2009

little girl Hope

It was Hope's first birthday last week.

The anniversary of her birth and death. 2 words that never should be in the same sentence - birth and death.

We all thought of Hope and her wonderful parents and this terrible loss. But, I also thought of the support and kindness that Sally has shown me over this past, long, long, almost year.

I found Sally's blog after reading her comments at Glow in the Woods. I guess I stalked her a little, trying to find if she too had a blog. I had been reading the blogs of many people in other countries and felt I needed someone closer to home, someone physically near me in this awful journey. And I found her and her blog. So beautifully written, so tragic and so deeply moving.

I think of her little girl and I think of my little girl. Two sweet girls that don't get to grow up and make the world a better place. Two sweet babies that never got the chance. Like all our babies. If only the story had been different.


Hope's Mama said...

Thank you so very much, Rach. You're a lovely friend, a wonderful mother and I'm lucky to have found you, as unlucky as we both are. I hope our babies are safe and happy together somewhere.

Akul's mama said...

Since our babies have brought us together, they must be known to each other ... all our angels.

Poppy and Mei said...

All these little Angels have already made this world a better place I suspect. Love to all of you...XXxx.

tiff(threeringcircus) said...

Hugs Rach. Biggest hugs.