Thursday, May 27, 2010

Louis Franz

I am not sure if anyone still follows this blog, this neglected blog. This blog that connected me to the amazing babylost mama's that have held me up over the last 1year and 8 months. This place is where I felt I was not alone on this most horrid of journeys. But from the horror of loosing Alice I have made some truly wonderful friends. And from the horror of loosing Alice, a new life has been made. On 8th May at 2.10pm Louis Franz rushed his way into this world. Our gorgeous boy. The boy that listened to my endless pleas that everything will be OK.

The joy of having Louis also brought a deep sadness, a longing for Alice. I guess that's how it will be. Happy/sad. More happy than sad but always, lurking not too far under my skin, will be a little bit of sadness.