Friday, March 20, 2009

lost mama

I recently had a email from a babylost mama. She found my blog and wrote to thank me for sharing my experience. And she told me about hers. Still very raw and new, she is feeling lost and alone in a country far from her home. People don't want to talk about her baby. No support or counselling was offered. 'They' didn't think it was a good idea for her to hold her precious baby. I could feel her intense pain and loneliness and anger through her writing. I cried thinking about her birth experience and about how she felt so alone.

I wrote to her and told her that she is not alone, that we are here and the we understand. We really understand. I told her that we will talk about her baby with her and scream with her and sometimes hate the world with her.

I told her we would take care of her.

I have not heard back. I need to know that she is OK. Not OK, as no-one here is 'OK' but you know what I mean.

If you are there, please just let me know how you are going.

You are not alone, even though at times you feel such an indescribable loneliness.

We are here with you on this awful journey.


Barbara said...

For the lady who wrote to you, come inside, it's warm in here.

For you Rach, HUGS.


sky said...

For the lady that wrote to you as well, please join us we are all here for you. please don't ever feel like you are alone & can't talk about your precious baby.

Hope's Mama said...

She'll never be alone.

Lea said...

To Whomever Wrote:

You are not alone. We have all been there are... and are will forever be there. I wish you did not have to join us, but please do. It makes a world of difference.

Rach, thank you for posting this.

Lea xo

angie said...

We want to know your story. We will remember your baby. We get it, when everyone else doesn't. When you are ready, we are here...Much love.

bir said...

No, not OK, none of us are, but by babyloss mama standards, and standing within this support network, OK takes on a new and easier meaning...

New babylost mama, I hope you're ok too, but please feel free to rant and rave to any of us. We've been there. We know.

Thanks Rach..

Anonymous said...

For the woman who wrote, I hope you come back - we want to hear about your baby. We'll remember with you and talk, scream, cry with you. You are not alone.

tiff said...

Come back sweet Mummy. You won't be alone here.