Friday, March 6, 2009


I remember holding Alice, holding her close to keep her warm. I wrapped her, adding extra layers around her tiny little body, trying to keep out the cold. I spoke softly to her, my warm whispers settling on her cheeks. Holding her delicate perfect face to mine.

They dressed her in a pink knitted hat and jacket. Keeping her warm. I made her a quilt. To keep her warm.

I tried so hard but, nothing I could do would stop it.

The cold came slowly creeping in, forcing out the warmth, taking over Alice and the room and our lives.


Barbara said...

Sweet Alice Buttons.

She heard you Rach, she heard you.



Hope's Mama said...

Oh the cold. Such awful memories of the cold. Hope was practically icy the next morning. I knew at that point, our time together was over. Poor babies.

Anonymous said...

Alice Buttons is missed all over. ((Hugs))

Poppy and Mei said...